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Top Glove launches BioGreen biodegradable nitrile gloves

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Top Glove Corp Bhd recently launched its flagship ‘green’ product, an eco-friendly variant of disposable nitrile gloves -- BioGreen biodegradable nitrile gloves (Powder-Free), introduced in conjunction with World Environment Day.

In a statement, Top Glove said this BioGreen biodegradable nitrile gloves is designed to degrade easily in anaerobic environments (where there is little to no breathable oxygen) such as in landfills.

The biodegradability of the gloves is being measured using the internationally recognized ASTM D5511 Standard Test.

So far, Top Glove said scientific studies have proven this variant of nitrile gloves biodegrade 10 times faster than conventional ones. It is also designed to minimize risk of Type IV hypersensitivity reaction which is triggered by exposure to chemical accelerators.

Top Glove said the BioGreen biodegradable nitrile gloves provide an "end-of-life solution” which will contribute to reducing the accumulation of waste in landfills.

Last month, Top Glove’s BioGreen biodegradable nitrile gloves was shortlisted under the category of "New Environmentally Friendly Products”, at the recent Private Label Manufacturers’ Association trade show in Amsterdam.

Top Glove said it would continue to pursue creation of more eco-friendly gloves within its synthetic latex product range.


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