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Walkalator strike rules Minister of Transport

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During an on-site inspection at Pasar Seni station here, the newly opened two-way travelers and ticket machines did not work properly.

Transport Minister Anthony Loke has condemned the carriers and urged them to improve the quality of their services, saying such failures have caused embarrassment in the country.

"One of the two Pacers did not work.

"This is not a good sign for Malaysia, especially the start of a visit to Malaysia in 2020," he told media members.

The new 102m footbridge connecting Passar Seni Skytrain Station and KTM Kuala Lumpur Station was reported to have opened in November last year after more than two years of construction.

The sheltered bridge is equipped with two-way pedestrians spanning 50m.

The link allows users to easily reach Masjid Negara and nearby attractions, such as Taman Tugu.

Locke arrived at Pasar Seni Station at approximately 10.45 am using the Dego Ride Motorcycle Electronic Taxi App service.

Upon arrival, he saw that only one of the four ticket machines at the KTM station in Kuala Lumpur was working.

The top management of these companies must come down regularly to check their services.

"Not only the minister has to come down for inspection.

"The chief executive officer (CEO) of a government-related company (GLC) must be more proactive.

"I give these instructions to all CEOs, so they must step down regularly to check field services.

"In just half an hour of my visit, I found out that things were not going normally

"This is a major station, so this is unacceptable," Locke said.

(Source by The Star)

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